Komposition, Klangkunst, Medienkunst, Performance

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12 pieces 2014Performance, Klanginstallation
4laptops 2019performative piece for four musicians with laptops
air condition 2005Performance
artists in co-op 2017Klangprojekt für Abrisshäuser
Konzept, Projekt
ausgerenkte kräfte / forces disloquées - ginger ensemble 2022/23concert project with ginger ensemble
auslaeuten 2017Performance
četiri band 2017Komposition
balkan express 2022for seven musicians, schnapps glasses and live - electronics
bgd experience report 2019for swiss souvenirs bell, live - electronics and recorded text
close distance 2020web-based live electronic piece for 24 open microphones on audience devices
elektronische Komposition
das geklaute gehör 2023Music Theatre Project with Ensemble Metanoia
detalk show season 2022a concept with compositions by Lara Stanic adapted for three musicians performers
Konzept, Performance, Projekt
distanz 1.30 m 90° 2016Konzept, Performance
dragutin mrkic, eine serbische geschichte 2008Hörspiel
echo1 2018for four musicians, four pianos with loudspeakers and four small smoke machines
echo2 2018for musicians with flat panel speakers and piano as resonance body
eintausendwatt 2008Performance
er fährt rad 2010Performance
extension 2021five performative pieces for two musicians (saxophonists), in various technical settings
Konzept, Komposition
fantasia 2020for a pianist, grand piano and live electronics
flight lessons 2021for several musicians/performers with prepared suitcases; mobile live electronics: mobile phones, small microphones, portable loudspeakers and music instruments violin, saxophone, melodica, percussio
fluchen 2018Komposition
flute speaking 2005Performance
funkloch on air 2018-2023Ensemble Funkloch, Experimental Studio Concerts with Guest Composers and Artists
Radio, Projekt
funny mendelssohn trip 2022for two musicians / perforemers, piano, mobile phones and electronics
gingerensemble & koch & koch 2014GingerEnsemble
gingerensemble_foundation concert 2010Bühnenperformance
hark 2015elektronische Komposition
hoch hinaus 2012Performance
hoch hinaus dampfzentrale 2013Performance
in the air 2015elektronische Komposition, Klanginstallation
inside 2005elektronische Komposition, Klanginstallation
irrton 2017Ginger Ensemble with David Behrman and Peter Färber, Musikfestival Bern
jura michelle 2009Performance, Hörspiel
jura_tv 2010/11Hörspiel
kannst du mich hoeren? 2020Performance
klangflug 2013for one or more musicians, helium balloons, loudspeakers covered with sugar and live electronics
klangflug1 2006Performance
klangflug3 2010Performance
klangprothese 2023for singer, actor, keyboarder, percussionist and a perforemer with various sound objects and instruments
Konzept, Komposition
klangreiniger 2017elektronische Komposition, Klangperformance
mais 2020for 2-8 musicians with amplified corncobs
mirror piece 2022for several performers with hand mirrors, camera, pocket lamps and electronic sounds
Konzept, Komposition, Performance
mono 2018ensemble metanoia
okret 2017for wheelchair users, wireless microphones, PA system and feedbacks
one thousand notes for you and one for me 2015Komposition
open air bach 2005for one performer with 3 mall speakers, paper, propellers, microphones and bach sonate
picture-runs 2003Komposition, Video
playground 2007elektronische Komposition, Klanginstallation
quinte - les toux virtuelles 2021Ginger Ensemble
Performance, Video, Projekt
quintenzirkel 2021for 4 performers, sine waves, compass sensor and rope.
elektronische Komposition, Performance
radio savamala / gingerensemble 2013Radio
rauschbereit 2016solo programme
Konzert, Bühnenperformance, Projekt
sommer ohne meer 2010Hörspiel
sonnenstand 2023several short compositions for Baroque Orchestra at unusual concert venues, objects and live - electronics
sonntagslied 2014Komposition
sounding influencer 2022for one performer and kinetic sound sculpture Sounding Influencer
elektronische Komposition, Performance
spiel mit urzeitlicher elektronik 2013Radio
spielfeld feedback 2003for a performer with the loudspeaker - jacket in a field of open microphones
spielfeld münster 2013Performance
spielfelder 2011/2012solo performance, a stage concept with several sound performances
stabilizer kv 090819 2016sprüngli&ratluk, Lara Stanic, sound, Andreas Pfister text
stille 2006Video
tanz 2018Komposition
unter uns 2016for prepared chairs in the audience
elektronische Komposition, Klanginstallation
unterwasserwerk 2009for a performer with underwater microphone an PA
vitaparcours 2021for three musicians, speaker/performer, text and video
Konzept, Performance
vorbild 2005Performance
wahnwitz 2013artist in residence musikfestival bern
Bühnenperformance, Projekt
wake up 2017for a performer with amplified, traditional swiss whip and live electronics.
wald 2007Performance
wasserfront 2021for one performer with prepared oar, PA and live electronics
elektronische Komposition, Performance
waves 2020for four performers, mobile live electronics, mobile phones, portable speakers, sounds, movement and voices
windspiel 2013Performance
zaeme stah srf musik sessions 2020Konzert, Bühnenperformance
zwiegespräch 2017Komposition
zwirn 2022for dancer, trumpet player and live electronics