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Lara Stanic

in the air

TypeElectronic Composition
Duration6 Min.
Performances2005 Hochschule der Künste Bern, Fachbereich Musik und Medienkunst
2006 Sonoambiente Berlin, "Labor"-Ausstellung im Alianz-Gebäude am Ostbahnhof Berlin.
2005 Bern University of the Arts, department Music and Media Arts
2006 Sonoambiente Berlin, "Labor"- Exhibition, Alianz building at Berlin East Station
2016 Rauschbereit, Solo - Projekt Basel, Bern, Zug, Zürich
Description“in the air” is inspired by the idea of an instrument being independent from the musician- a floating, almost self- playing flute. Two flutes are hung in the stage area and are attached to the ceiling with invisible wire. At each flute end a flat panel speaker is attached. The speaker membrane is positioned towards the inside of the flute pipe. The walls of the flute vibrate and serve as resonance body for the speaker. The sound created in the small space of the flute invites the audience to come close and listen in
Materialflute, traversos flute, flat- panel speakers, audio player
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