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Lara Stanic


DurationEndlosschlaufe, Zufallssteuerung per Max/MSP
Performances2004 Galerie Forum Claque Baden
2005 Kunsthalle Bern "Elixiere", Diplomausstellung Gestaltung und Kunst
DescriptionKlangsegel is a model, a prototype for a larger sound installation for a public place. The smaller klangsegel was commissioned by sound artist Andres Bosshard. The larger version, Klangsegel für eine Stadt, was planned and developed by Andres Bosshard, for Forum Claque in Baden.
Material16 open speakers, mounted upon 16- 30 x 30 cm heavy transparent plastic pieces, film slide of 20 various city locations, video projector, computer or hard disk recorder capable to play multi- channel audio. The palstic squares are sewn together to form a sail, and taut between two walls of a exhibition room (galerie or museum.) A speaker is hung from every transparent plastic piece. Above the “sail” with speakers, the photos are projected , giving the illusion of a sails hanging in a city
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Bild 1: Klangsegel.3 Bild 2: Klangsegel.3