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Lara Stanic

spielfeld münster

PerformancesBerner Münster, Eröffnung des Musikfestival Bern 2013
CommandMusikfestival Bern
DescriptionPlayground_Version For The Minster
The performance Playground Minster is the rather daring attempt to gain church music from the sounds, which the church produces as space.
I enter the church in a coat equipped with loudspeakers. In the church itself there are open microphones placed, those are connected to my costume.
As I am walking down the path between the microphones towards the altar, back couplings develop. Their frequency changes through my movement. The space of the church becomes the instrument, the room frequencies reinforce themselves. Throughout the performance the „wild“ frequencies of the church and the „pure“ church music become increasingly intertwined. In the best case the back couplings will transfer to the harmonies of the choral 123a von J.S. Bach “Holy, Holy” in the form of a cadence.
MaterialFrack- bestückt mit kleinen Lautsprecher, Verstärker, Batterie, Audioempfänger, 8 Mikrofone, Elektronik

Bild 1: Spielfeld Münster.7 Bild 2: Spielfeld Münster.7 Bild 3: Spielfeld Münster.7 
Bild 4: Spielfeld Münster.7 Bild 5: Spielfeld Münster.7 Bild 6: Spielfeld Münster.7