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Lara Stanic

klangflug für dampfzentarale

PerformancesFr 6. September 2013 15.00 Uhr Dampfzentrale Bern
CommandMusikfestival Bern 2013
DescriptionFlight of sound
In the performance Flight of sound I want to make loudspeakers fly. Thereby four loudspeakers are tied to four big, colourful helium balloons. These are held on the ground by four piles of sugar. I then try to imitate the sound of starting airplane engines on the flute with the support of live-electronics. With the ascending tones I try to adjure the loudspeakers to fly. I play until the loudspeakers have freed themselves from the piles of sugar and taken off thanks to the membranes of the loudspeakers.
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Bild 1: Klangflug für Dampfzentarale.5 Bild 2: Klangflug für Dampfzentarale.5 
Bild 3: Klangflug für Dampfzentarale.5 Bild 4: Klangflug für Dampfzentarale.5