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Lara Stanic

12 pieces

TypeSound installation
PerformancesIPA Istanbul 2014
Elgiz Contemporary Art Museum
June 27, 2014
Description12 Pieces is a performance about fantasy. Fantasy stands for something free or unlimited. In music fantasy, can be a construct. The performance based on fantasies by Georg Philipp Telemann. Short Baroque compositions for Flute. The performer developed from the interpretation a space and sound installation.
It is a fantasy about it: where the music can go and how the concert will be the performance.
The performance begins as a concert. Over time, it becomes the sound and space installation. Installation of: several small speakers, sheets music and microphon.

Bild 1: 12 Pieces.7 Bild 2: 12 Pieces.7 Bild 3: 12 Pieces.7 
Bild 4: 12 Pieces.7 Bild 5: 12 Pieces.7 Bild 6: 12 Pieces.7