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Lara Stanic

wald im klang

PerformancesJuni 2007 Birkenwald des Hotels Greulich Zürich
Gast im "Klanggarten" von Andres Bosshard
Performance June 2007, Hotel Greulich Zürich, birch grove
Guest in "Klanggarten" from Andres Bosshard
DescriptionPerformance for flute with live- electronics and additional musical instruments. Realtime recordings of flute and acoustic noise create soundscapes that are then played out of speakers positioned at various areas throughout the birch grove. The performer/ flutist moves around the birch grove pausing at stations, to play the flute, or other musical instruments.
MaterialMedium Flute, additional instruments, such as melodica, mouth harmonica, assorted pipes, air mattress pump, computer

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