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Lara Stanic

nairs wake up

Duration15 Min.
PerformancesDecember 2017
NAIRS Center for Contemporary Art
Project; NAIRS in movimaint / NAIRS in Bewegung / NAIRS on the move
DescriptionA Sound - Performance with amplified whip (traditional Swiss Whip for Chlauschloepfe) and live electronics.
Performed on the forecourt and in the entrance hall of Fundaziun NAIRS, Centre for Contemporary Art.
In the sound - performance "NAIRS wake up" the environment and the building of the
Fundaziun NAIRS, centre for contemporary art should be awakened with sounds
The whip bang noises are transmitted via the microphone into the building and from there via loudspeakers to the outside. It creates an echo game between the exterior and interior. Subsequently, the entrance hall is examined on its frequencies using the slow movements of the amplified whip stick and recorded whip bangs.

Video / Vimeo

Bild 1: NAIRS wake up.7 Bild 2: NAIRS wake up.7 Bild 3: NAIRS wake up.7 
Bild 4: NAIRS wake up.7 Bild 5: NAIRS wake up.7 Bild 6: NAIRS wake up.7