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Lara Stanic


Duration9 min.
Center for Experimentation and Production of Contemporary Music
Sala M.Ponce, Palacio de Bellas ArtesMexico City
18. 04. 2020 /! postponed !
Commandensemble Retro Disco (CH) and ensembe CEPROMUSIC (MEX)
composition by Lara Stanic
for 4-8 amplified corn cobs and live electronics - fm synthesizes
Foreword Partitur
The word "corn" is a polysemous word. In Swiss German, the word not only describes the plant, but also stands for confusion, noise, nonsense or dispute.
"Corn" is an electronic composition for four to eight reinforced corn cobs. Inside the corn cobs are contact microphones. The microphones react like sensors and serve to control the musical parameters. The piece is based on FM synthesis (frequency modulation synthesis). The microphone noises are audible at some points in the piece.
In the course of the work I decided to use plastic corncobs. This material corresponds more to the synthetically produced sounds. In addition, the natural corncobs crumble during playing.
In the piece "Mais" I am exploring the question of what an instrument is in electronic music. In addition, there is the question of the relationship between movement, gesture, and generated sound.

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