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Lara Stanic

funkloch on air

Duration 45 min
Link SO21_ Kunst Radio Funkloch Sendungen Archiv
Description Experimental studio concerts
with live broadcast on RadioLora Art -radio SO21

Funkloch Ensemble
Petra Ronner, piano
Lara Stanic, flute, electronics
Sebastian Hofmann, percussion, electronics, organization, technology, space

Stairs down at Stationsstrasse 5a to the drum studio : Cymbals, puzzles, cables - and each time a different setup. A guest - a composer, an artist - has sent the ensemble a concept. At three o'clock in the afternoon they rehearsed, then pizza and later a concert. It's Sunday night, nine o'clock. With beer and chips we listen; a production with minimal preparations. It's a trial,a an attempt. With beer and chips we listen; a production with minimal preparations, experimental, It's a trial, an attempt, an experiment. We're in it, we're part of it. This is how Sunday ends; quite openly.

Our guest composers:
Anselm Caminada, Cyril Lim, Quido Senn, Tom Huber ,Vincent Glanzmann, Chrstoph Grab
Karin Ernst, Leo Collin, Annette Schmucki, Christian Wolfahrt, Peter Färber
Peter Emch / 8. March 2020
Iris Rennert / 5. July 2020,
Joke Lanz / 30. August 2020
Franziska Brucker / 18. Oktober 2020

Petra Ronner / january
Joana Maria Aderi / 28. 3. 2012
Leo Hofmann / 27. 6. 2021
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Bild 4: Funkloch On Air.7
Bild 5: Funkloch On Air.7
Bild 6: Funkloch On Air.7