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Lara Stanic


Duration 60 Min.
Performances Oktober / November 2003:
Stadtgalerie, Bern
Jazz Kantine, Luzern
Theater STOCK, Z?rich
Command DUO Porreca / Lorenz, Z?rich. Mario Porreca - Akkordeon, Martin Lorenz - Schlagzeug
Description ?picture-runs? is a video- stage concept for two musicians. Three videos are projected on three separate screens by a video projector. Two smaller screens are positioned near the front of the stage, while one large screen is placed on the back wall of the stage. During the first half of the performance, the musicians sit and play behind the two smaller screens. After sometime, the musicians lay the screens on the floor, and continue playing in front of the large screen. Three videos originate from the ?picture- runs? project. A 60- minute video maps the timeline which orientates the musicians to improvise. They spontaneously react to the images of the videos. During the rehearsals, the musical concept of the two musicians manifests itself.

In her videos, Lara Stanic explores chamber music interaction between image and sound, and how images from abstract, musical parameters, such as rhythm, volume, pitch, and phrase are visualized.
Lara Stanic: ?The starting point for my work came from the recordings of the instruments and the musicians during a rehearsal, which the close-up and focused view of the instruments and the movements of the musicians (as in a television broadcasts of concerts.) are in the foreground. To supplement the spectrum of imagery and sounds which the musicians prompt, I use video recordings of the musicians expertise.?
(Excerpt from press statement)
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